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As salam,

Nama diberi oleh mama ayah Nadzirah binti Mokhtar. You can call me Nad for short.
15 years old but feels nak cepat besar, masuk U, keje, jadi dentist, cucuk-cucuk gigi orang!

Started blogging since 2012 and i don't remember the date *buat apa nak ingat bukan penting pon*hehe
i'm talkactive person tapi tak masuk debat pon~lalala
suka sejarah,science tapi benci math *boleh la*
a lanky and tall girl...ada orang panggil saya tembok! *sanggup*

Did you know from where i got the name for my header! muahehe....
my friend Fatini said that i'm dinding kuning because i have been prevented her from her bff....*macam tak logik dan lawak gila bila Nad dengar dia panggil Nad dinding kuning*

Writing is my passion and all the writing comes from my pure heart and i hope you guys can acceptence 
me as a blogger.

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